Clinics & Services

Specialist Clinics

Our nurses hold regular clinics for ongoing supervision of patients with hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

When your condition is in good control, your doctor will arrange for long–term supervision at one of these clinics.

The nurse will see you regularly for check–ups. If any concerns or difficulties arise, she'll discuss your condition with your doctor. You can get further supplies of any medication you need through the repeat prescription system.

Diabetic Clinic

Most of our patients with diabetes are now cared for entirely by the Practice Team. Most newly diagnosed patients with diabetes are seen "in–house" and increasing numbers of existing patients are being transferred from the care of the hospital Diabetic Clinic.

All Patients with diabetes receive annual eye checks through the retinal screening service.


If you need physiotherapy, your doctor can arrange it for you or you can self-refer using a special form available from reception. If the physiotherapists or the Accident and Emergency Department lend you any equipment such as walking sticks, crutches, etc., please remember to return it when you no longer need it so that it can be used by other patients.


Chiropody is available for pensioners, handicapped persons, children and other patients with certain illnesses such as diabetes and circulation problems.


We can refer you for diet advice in relation to various medical conditions or for weight reduction.

Foreign Travel

The practice nurse will advise you on injections and malaria protection required for travel abroad at Inverurie Road Clinic. Many travel immunisations do not come under the NHS therefore there may be a charge for this service. Please contact us at least two months before you leave so that there is enough time to give you full protection. For more information see our Travel Vaccinations page

Cervical Smear Tests 

The practice nurses can give advice on stopping smoking, losing weight, exercise and alcohol consumption.

Pregnancy Care

If you're planning a pregnancy, we advise you to see us beforehand for relevant health checks. The district midwives provide antenatal care at the surgery. Normal pregnancies usually require only two or three visits to the Maternity Hospital Antenatal Clinic.

A specific practice leaflet is available with details of our pregnancy care arrangements.


All the doctors give advice about contraception. 

Baby Clinic and Child Development

Developmental checks on children are carried out by appointment in accordance with NHS Grampian's programme of pre–school child surveillance.


It is vitally important that all children are fully immunised. Your doctor will discuss the necessary immunisations for your child.

Health Checks

We offer all newly registered patients over 5 a check-up on joining the practice.


At the surgery, we can deal with injuries such as cuts, sprains and burns as well as removing stitches and changing dressings. If you suspect a broken bone or any injury seems serious, go directly to the Accident and Emergency Unit at Foresterhill. Children under 14 years should go to the Children's Hospital.


We employ a phlebotomist (a person who takes blood samples). If you need a blood test, your doctor may ask you to attend one of her sessions.

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